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Top 4 Flat Screen TVs of 2018

Top 4 Flat Screen TVs of 2018

If you are planning to buy a new flat-screen TV, you can choose from numerous options available in the market. Every brand introduces new televisions year after year, and this could make it hard for you to pick the best model. If you’re confused about your choices, you can go through this list of the top four flat-screen TVs of 2018.

LG C8 – Series 4K OLED
By far the best television introduced by LG, this TV has exceptional picture quality. It is available in multiple screen size options, including 55 inches, 65 inches, and 77 inches. It is one of the best flat-screen TVs for your home. You can enjoy stunning 4k pictures with a wide range of contrast and numerous HDR formats, which include Dolby Vision, webOS interface, Hybrid Log Gamma, and HDR10.

Samsung Q9FN 4K QLED
This TV is one of Samsung’s slimmest models. It comes with an attractive design and unmatched brightness. This television has an incredible picture quality and a range of additional features like the new Ambient Mode and One Invisible Connection™ cable between the TV and the connect box. The installation is easy as well as quick. This model has the best combination of picture quality, design, and brightness.

Sony MASTER Series A9F
Sony’s MASTER A9F is one of the best flat-screen TV models. It has a phenomenal display which outshines the screens of most other competitors. Its processing power is excellent, and no brand can beat Sony when it comes to the processor. This model has a top-of-the-line X1 processor, which makes it the most impressive flat-screen television of 2018.

TCL 6-Series Roku
This television offers excellent performance and a variety of attractive features such as the seamless Roku OS. It offers HDR technology in a high-quality panel to maximize your viewing experience. The 55-inch model also has top-quality HDR to match the brightness of the room. It is the best smart TV model available on the market, and it is quite affordable as well.

These are some of the top TV models of 2018. If you intend to make a purchase anytime soon, you can pick any one of them. Every model promises an excellent viewing experience and is sure to enhance the aesthetics in your home. You need to consider the screen size and your requirements while making a choice. You also need to think about your budget while picking the best flat-screen TV for your home.

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