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Top-rated Windows phones available in the market

April 30, 2020

Top-rated Windows phones available in the market

Windows is a smartphone operating system, like Android and iOS, which can be upgraded to the 10th version on select handsets. However, top rated Windows phones already come equipped with this version, meaning better performance and a spectacular list of features. Some of its handsets have managed to grab a spot in the range of top rated smartphones in the market that comprises top-rated Android phones and top-rated iPhones. While we have all heard about the best-rated Android phones, let us now examine the top rated Windows phones.

  • Lumia 435
    This is an extremely cheap phone that is priced at approximately $50 and has been successfully catering to the needs of the customer segments where iOS cannot even think of entering. Obviously, you cannot expect to get world-class features at this price, but, it does encompass a fairly good deal of attributes.
  • Lumia 830
    This is a great phone that offers certain decent features, but the only problem with this handset is that it gets lost in the crowd of Windows phones because it does not encompass any specifically peculiar features. However, at the price offered, it provides great value for money and hence has been included in the list of top rated Windows phones.
  • Lumia 950
    This top-rated Windows phone that comes with Windows 10 may be better than other handsets of the brand, but it fails to keep up with top-rated Android phones at the particular price. There are a few bugs here and there which mar the whole user experience. The loyalists of Windows might swear by its utility; however, the truth is that other top rates smartphones are definitely being sold in the market. However, the XL variant does look promising with a more efficient processor and free display dock.
  • HP Elite X3
    The HP Elite X3 has shown to be a top-rated smartphone with its high-end features and excellent craftsmanship. Finally, Windows has managed to grab eyeballs with this phone that has been intended to serve the needs of executives just like the Blackberry. There are certain ports engineered in the phone that allow effortless connectivity with laptops and other devices.
  • Lumia 1020
    This phone is a delight for those who wish to capture every moment beautifully and with greater detail. It facilitates clicking clear pictures even in zoomed mode making it another great top-rated Windows phone. However, the memory cannot be expanded which defeats the whole purpose of having a good camera.

Despite their attractive features, top-rated Windows phones cannot match the features of the basic Android and iOS phones and have failed to grip the audience.

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