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Essential factors about background checks

Essential factors about background checks

The first thought that comes to mind when one thinks of securing their dream job is acing the interview. While a good resume and great interview process are considered by companies when hiring a candidate, it is not limited to the same. Getting placed in a dream job extends well beyond just making a good impression through the selection process and is only complete after passing the several screen checks. A background check is one of the most important elements part of the employee hiring process. Employing a new candidate involves letting them have access to several types of organizational property. No company would want to have an unverified stranger taking control over the same and thus, most companies today give immense importance to background checks.

While the process of a background check can be lengthy, it is also extremely necessary. Considering the different walks of life various candidates come from, their diverse experiences and mindsets; a company needs to be sure about a person before hiring them. Here are some points that will aid one in drawing a better understanding of the factors that are part of background checks:

Important inclusions in a background check
There are certain essential criteria every background check must fulfill, without which they are incomplete. Not covering the same can hinder the process of effective hiring. These are:

  • Following the legal process: Every region or state has laws that dictate the kind of information that can be sourced as part of running a background check. Sourcing extremely sensitive information that is not permitted can lead to several kinds of issues with legality. This makes it extremely important to abide by the laws or rules that are put down and seek advice from a legal professional who specializes in the same.
  • Consistent steps in the check: It is important for consistency to be followed when conducting a background check as following specific steps throughout will reduce the chances of unclear data collection. It can also go on to cause more issues with the information. Eliminating or adding certain types of checks for just some candidates can trigger legal issues.
  • Possibility of error: Background checks do not always bring up the most accurate information. As with any process, it can be flawed or even incorrect. Data collection or process of information can include certain errors that may occur. Thus, there must be space for error rectification or clarification on the part of the employee.
  • Candidate must be notified: The candidate has the right to know of any reason why the background check was not cleared. The company should be able to validate why there have been certain glitches in the check and the basis of the same.

Aside from the points given above, there are some other aspects of background checks that one should know about.

Varied background checks for every industry
Different industries may have varied requirements from a background check. Not every background check company is equipped to serve the needs of every type of industry. While some may specialize in certain industries only, others can serve a larger block of industries. It is best to understand the requirements and evaluate the needs before selecting a background check company.

Seeking employee permission
Background checks for criminal records and other essentials are important and employees understand this requirement when applying for a new job. However, when a background check is conducted by third-party checking companies, it is essential to have written permission granted by the candidate. Sensitive checks such as military reports and credit reports can be only made post getting permission. A candidate or employee can make a reasonable denial for the same and this must be factored into their background check.

Background check costs
The cost of background checks is essentially driven by several aspects. It will vary based on the kind of background check that is sought, the extent of information, and duration that is permitted to complete the check. Background check companies will typically charge an average cost that ranges anywhere from $30 to $100. It is essential to note that additional information or checks will lead to an increase in the total cost.

Free online background checks
Due to the digitalization of information, it is convenient to generate free background checks. The web space is inundated with information and data that can be achieved to complete a successful background check. There are tools specially designed to enable free access to data but these can take up a lot of time and energy. Government archives and academic records are some of the first sources to look through. Search engines can be used to view phone number; however, phone directories serve better. Public records too can bring access to an immense amount of information. It carries unique data and this is one reason why it is widely used by private investigators. While online background checks can be availed for free, its output may not match the efficacy of professional background check agencies.

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