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Top airlines that offer discounted rates for senior citizens

April 30, 2020

Top airlines that offer discounted rates for senior citizens

Getting old may have its disadvantages; however, it does have its perks in the form of discounted prices for flights, hotels, trains, theater bookings, and so on. For senior citizens who are planning on traveling anytime in the near future, here are some of the best airlines that offer discounts airfares.

  • American Airlines
    American Airlines offers discounts for passengers who are 65 years and above. These discounts can be availed on their partner airline American Eagle as well. The discounts, however, are limited to domestic routes and markets.
  • Delta Airlines
    Delta Airlines is another airline that offers discounted airfare for senior citizens. Although these discounts will not be found on the Delta Airlines website, one can make a call to the reservations line to check if the desired flight is has discounted tickets.
  • Southwest Airlines
    If you are looking for an airline that offers discounts for seniors on airfares, make sure to look up Southwest Airlines as they are known for its extensive senior citizen program. It allows the booking of discounted fares for senior citizens via phone or through the company’s website. The discounted prices apply to both domestic and international destinations. Other perks offered by the airline include early check-in and quicker service through the airport.
  • United Airlines
    United Airlines offers reduced airfares for senior citizens on select routes and destinations. The discount for seniors on airfares can be viewed online when selecting the “seniors category” while booking the ticket. Other special features offered by the United Airlines for senior citizens include extended boarding time and wheelchair access.
  • British Airways
    While senior citizen discounted airfare on British Airways, they can log into their AARP member account and reduce their flight travel costs by around $200. Some of the discounts that can be availed in this regard include the World Traveler Plus (premium economy) discount of around $130, the World Traveler (economy) discount of around $65, and the First Class and the Club World (Business Class) discounts of up to $200. These discounts are available only for residents of and flying from the country.

While some of these discounts can be availed online directly on the respective company website, others will be available upon request while booking the ticket via the reservations line or counter. If you are traveling with a senior citizen, make use of discounts offered by these airlines and reduce travel costs to a great extent.

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