Symptoms of tongue cancer you should not ignore

When cells multiply to a great extent, a growth or tumor is formed; the tumor, when suspected, is then tested, and if it is found to be malignant, it is said to be affected by cancer. Oral cancer is one of the common types of cancer that has affected many citizens across the country. There are different types and stages of tongue cancer. A dentist or doctor can find tongue and oral cavity cancers during physical check-ups. To confirm the findings, tests such as MRI, PET, CT, and other such scans may be prescribed.

If any of the symptoms of tongue cancer are experienced, one should get it checked without any further delays. Early diagnosis is important as the doctor or specialist will be able to prescribe the right treatment as per the severity of cancer.

Some of the initial symptoms of tongue cancer are as follows:

  • A persistent sore throat
  • The appearance of red, white, or pinkish patches on the surface of the tongue
  • Difficulty and or pain while chewing or swallowing
  • Pain in the tongue and jaw in older patients with dentures
  • Numbness in the tongue
  • Unable to move the tongue and freely causing speech difficulties
  • Loosening of the teeth or a toothache
  • Chronic bad breath
  • Pain in the ear or jaw

If one has any one or a combination of the above symptoms of tongue cancer, they should first meet their dentist for a thorough examination of the mouth and neck as they will be able to spot any cancer-related defects. If a growth or tumor is spotted, it will be removed and sent for a biopsy. If found malignant, the patient is referred to a specialist. If tumors are small, it can be removed surgically. However, it will have to be treated with a combination of radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. This depends on the stage of cancer.

People who have a history of extensive use of tobacco products and consumption of alcohol are in the highest risk category for oral and particularly tongue cancer. Like any form of cancer, tongue cancer is also life-threatening. Depending on the severity, the tongue could be removed and reconstructed using plastic surgery. This could lead to distortion of facial features and a loss in normal speaking abilities.



Common symptoms of tongue cancer you should know

Cancer is an abnormal division of cells in the tissues. Cancer can affect any part of the human body. Out of the several types of cancer, oral cancer ranks 15th of the most common cancers and disease in the world. In 2018, around 49,750 Americans were diagnosed with oral cancer. Men are twice as likely to be affected by oral cancer as compared to women. Many parts of the mouth like tongue, lip, inner cheek, and throat can be affected by cancer. Tobacco and alcohol are among the top two reasons or risk factors that result in oral cancer. Research shows that around 90% of oral cancer cases are due to tobacco and alcohol, while only 10% is due to genetic aberration.

Tongue cancer occurs mostly in the thin cells that line our tongue; these cells are known as squamous cells. Any form of tobacco consumption such as chewing, smoking pipes or cigarettes, and cigars and excessive use of alcohol can cause tongue cancer. Another significant risk factor of tongue cancer is contracting the HPV virus during sexual activities.

Most of the early symptoms of tongue cancer are painless and not very obvious. However, the following symptoms could be experienced. If you notice any of these, it would be highly imperative to get checked as early as possible.

  • A red and white patch forms on the surface of the tongue.
  • It is followed by a lump or ulcer on the tongue that does not disappear easily.
  • A sore throat that does not respond to any treatment is also one of the prominent tongue cancer symptoms.
  • Another symptom of tongue cancer is when the sufferer experiences pain while swallowing food or saliva.
  • Unexplained bleeding in the absence of ulcers or accidental biting of the tongue is also a symptom of tongue cancer.
  • Inflamed lymph nodes in the neck are also a prominent symptom so is numbness in the tongue.

In older patients with dentures, swelling of the jaw can also indicate a cancerous tongue. As the cancer advances, severe and persistent ear pain can be felt.

The initial stage of tongue cancer is difficult to diagnose. A dentist or doctor may check for early symptoms as well. A screening through PET, CT, or MRI scans could be prescribed to rule out the early symptoms of cancer and to help detect it. Early detection will facilitate proper and timely treatment. A combination of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and drug therapy is done based on the stage of tongue cancer. Depending on the severity of the cancer, the sufferer may have to undergo speech therapy or plastic surgery.



Top reasons for the success of the Uber application

The Uber application is a platform linking driver–partners and users through their smartphone applications. Since its inception in 2009, it has grown to around 75 million users globally, spread across 600 cities in 78 countries. All the users need to do is to install the Uber application, register, and look for a cab type that suits their preference.

The Uber application also offers various types of economic choices, premium cars, wheelchair accessible cars, and also offers a carpool option. The added advantage of paying by cash and through various wallet and cards, Uber has been one of the most successful and subscribed applications till date.

Some of the major reasons for the success of the Uber application are as follows:

  • You can directly book a cap with the tap of a button and would not need to call or talk to an IVR
  • Registration and setting up the app is easy and quick
  • The Uber application is convenient to use and non-fussy
  • You can pay for services using cash as well as online payment options
  • No tips required
  • Choice of cabs available both in the economy and premium variants
  • There are feedback options available for the ride and the driver
  • Uber is considered to be cheaper than most cab services

After their success, Uber, on April 10, 2018, launched an application exclusively for drivers. With this application, Uber has made it easy for drivers to find out busy and high incentive areas.

If the driver is stationed in an area that is slow for business, the app directs him to an area which is busier. The application also notifies the driver about the area left to cover. Another salient feature is the offline feature in case the drivers are working in an area with poor network coverage. If the driver is held up in a traffic hold up, the user can be notified with the introduction of a new notification feature called “stuck in traffic.”

Uber is working on the concerns received from their driver–partners. One of the high priority concerns seems to be the fact that several drivers station themselves in busy areas, thereby resulting in non-availability of cars in the not-so-busy areas.

Uber is considered to be one of the best in the industry. You can now book a cab and travel comfortably to your destination and all this is now just a few clicks away!



A brief insight into the Uber application

With the advancement in technology, you can now do things that seemed impossible even a decade ago. One of those break-through inventions is an application for booking cabs from the comfort of your home. Moreover, among these applications, Uber is considered as one of the best. With a skyrocketing growth spurt since its inception in 2009, Uber has been a leading cab-hailing service. No matter the nature of setbacks with partners–drivers and self-driven cars, it clearly seems that none of this has affected Uber’s loyal application users. The investors have also not seemed to be averse towards it—as funding has been steady and growing all along. The Uber application is an efficient medium to assist more users worldwide. Today, Uber has almost 75 million users globally, who with a touch of a button, hail a cab and all of this without much waiting time or repeated reminders and more importantly without the hassle of looking for cash or change with the efficient online payment option.

Some interesting statistics related to Uber and Uber Eats are as follows:

  • Uber has reportedly around 75 million users and 7 million drivers
  • Uber has completed about 5 billion rides worldwide
  • Uber is now available in 600 cities across 78 countries
  • The average number of trips daily is around 10 million

As Uber has decided to go public in 2019, its efforts will now go into cutting costs and losses. By the third quarter of last year, the losses stood at around $1.46 billion. New cost-cutting strategies are being chalked out as well as aggressive marketing strategies and new initiatives for customer support and satisfaction.

While Uber is facing losses, controversies, and upheavals, its food delivery application, Uber Eats has grown to be the fastest growing service in almost 15 of the country’s major cities. Uber Eats has scored well in retaining customers. On an average, around 41 percent of its customers used the app within 6 months. Uber Eats is currently in the second position in food delivery space.

According to Uber Eats application, following are the interesting snippets from their data:

  • Most driver compliments came from Los Angeles
  • Most Uber Eats orders came from Tampa Bay
  • Most nighttime and weekend rides came from New York City
  • Top 3 tourist destinations have been Eifel tower, Golden Gate Bridge, and Chapultepec Park
  • Uber Eats has delivered 40 cuisines across 200 cities globally
  • Burritos are most popular in Europe and Asia
  • Tacos are the most popular in Latin America
  • Chinese food is among the most popular foods in the country



All you need to know about organic makeup and skincare

Honey, pomegranate seed, green tea, coconut oil, goji berry, Shea butter, cane juice, peppermint, baobab leaf, coffee, sunflower seed, rosehip oil, and frangipani flower. What does this resemble, a grocery list? A list of plants at the garden nursery? It is neither. These are just a few super high-quality ingredients that go into the organic, all natural makeup and skincare product line of top selling brands like RoseMira, 100% Pure, Amala, Ox Box, Juice Beauty, LILFOX, Sprout Wellness, Herbivore Botanicals, Osea Malibu and a hundred others like them who are committed to providing exceptional formulas that are toxin-free, gluten-free, or vegan. These brands create makeup and skincare products that are free from synthetics, artificial scents, and dyes, parabens, and fillers.

For people who are aware and conscious of what goes into their skin, choosing between safe, wholesome and pure ingredients and a healthy, invigorating and refreshed skin is not a dilemma anymore. They can relax and find immense peace of mind knowing for sure that the organic makeup and skincare essentials that they support and use now are truly just that. Retaining their natural therapeutic benefits, the range of organic makeup and skincare merchandise that are essential to every woman’s daily routine is no longer an unthinkable alternative. In fact, there are countless reasons why brands offering natural skincare products must be supported because they do not just do us good, but also the environment, a huge favor.

New age makeup and skincare products do not contain harmful toxins whatsoever, but in fact are loaded with leaf, flower or seed extracts, and fruits and oils and just about anything that grows naturally, organically in a chemical-free soil and of course that do wonders on human skin. In addition, they are prepared in factories or laboratories that care enough to not test on animals and are passionate about cleaner and safer surroundings for not just us, but future generations as well. Naturally fragrant, nutrient-rich, gentle on skin, and better tasting even, the benefits of organic skincare are endless indeed.

Just remember, makeup and skincare products must work for your skin, not against it.



Top 3 natural makeup and skincare brands you should consider

Natural ingredients are the best option for fresh, radiant looking skin. They do wonders to keep our skin looking flawless and healthy. International cosmetic brands realize this and are flooding the market with an increasing range of natural, organic makeup and skincare products. Which of these natural brands can you actually rely on? You could choose from our list of natural makeup and skincare products that leave the skin smooth and luminous.

Burt’s Bee
Their cucumber-mint lip balm is refreshing to say it mildly. The tiny container is loaded with all natural ingredients like sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, beeswax, peppermint oil, Shea butter and a host of other stuff that are 100% natural.

The Bare Peach, an all natural blush makeup from Burt’s Bee, intensifies your skin’s natural glow with bamboo, vitamin E, and honey. Created for everyday wear, this blush comes in three shades and is good for many skin tones.

100% Pure
For this brand, the name says it all. Their most pure, organic and all-natural line of cosmetics, beauty products, and skincare products are also vegan! Their Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream is anti-inflammatory and increases blood circulation to brighten dark circles. The organic aloe leaf juice, rosehip oil, green coffee seed extract and oregano leaf in this eye cream helps reduce puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles in the delicate area around your eyes.

The Acai Pulp Facial Scrub is gentle but goes deep into your skin to give you a glowing, youthful complexion. Acai fruit extract, grape seed powder, sweet orange oil and honeysuckle flower extract form part of the potent formula that is used in this mask to provide intense nourishment for all skin types.

Afterglow Cosmetics
To deliver gorgeous, chemical-free makeup and skincare products this brand uses certified organic ingredients. The Infused Lip Love Lipstick that comes in five different shades of pink moisturizes, conditions, and protects your lips. The jojoba seed oil, apricot kernel, pomegranate seed and lemon peel oil are just a few of the long list of ingredients that are transparently displayed on their entire product range.

The Infused Eco Eye Shadow Refill Shades that includes a rich chocolate brown, creamy white, light-medium taupe brown, light cool pink and deep medium cool graphite gray hues highlights your eyes with ingredients that include olive fruit oil, goji berry, and rosemary leaf.



Top 5 early symptoms of brain tumor you need to know

One of the largest and complex organs in the human body is the brain. This central unit of the nervous system controls activities such as breathing, movement, and all sensory perceptions. And, like it develops in most other organs in the body, abnormal growths or tumors can occur in the brain too. Brain tumors can be benign or malignant and could originate in the brain as a primary tumor or spread to the brain from other parts of the body as a secondary or metastatic tumor.

With the presence of a brain tumor, the human body exhibits signs of disturbance with changes in its smooth functioning. However, early symptoms of brain tumor can be easily missed because they are common and may not be prominent enough to seek medical attention. Also, brain tumor early symptoms can be different for every individual, and the symptoms of this illness depend entirely on the tumor’s size, its location in the brain and the rate at which it grows. This is because different parts of the brain regulate different functions in the body and depending on which part of the brain is affected, the symptoms of a brain tumor vary.

List of commonly noticed early symptoms of brain tumor.

A headache: Headaches occur frequently and may be severe. The intensity of a headache could be directly proportional to the amount of exertion happening in the normal course of everyday chores. The pattern of headaches could differ, and might not be mitigated by general headache remedies.

Nausea: Nausea or sickness in the stomach, and vomiting that is caused by unknown factors.

Changes in sensory faculties: Alterations can be felt in the ability of the senses to see, smell, speak, hear, or swallow. The occurrence of noises in the ear or blurry vision could be one of the early symptoms of brain tumor.

Seizures: The brief loss of sensation and control in either the face, limbs or the whole body, or convulsions – a sudden, involuntary jerky movement of the muscles that could be just a single motion or a series of multiple spasms. Loss of awareness, either partially or totally, is also possible.

Memory issues: Feeling confused and the inability to remember things are common, as are behavioral changes, and fatigue.

It is important to consult your doctor when any of these brain tun symptoms arise and allow them to advise you correctly based on physical exams and diagnostic tests.



All about the early signs and symptoms of brain tumor

Severe headaches with changing patterns, nausea and/or vomiting with no reasonable cause, disturbances in the senses of vision (double vision or complete loss of vision), hearing (loss of hearing), changes in speech (slurring or incoherence in expression), the inability to swallow, solitary or multiple seizures, or paralysis due to muscle weakness, loss of balance or vertigo, numbness or tingling sensations in the face or limbs, blood clots, inability to concentrate on a chore, fatigue, loss of memory or confusion in perceptions, personality or behavioral changes, hormonal changes, are all just some of the brain tumor early symptoms. But being one of the largest and most complex organs in the body that controls a host of different functions, a ‘tumor in the brain’ is a generalized term.

The symptoms of brain tumor are based on numerous factors, some of which are as follows:

  • The location of the tumor in the brain: Whether it is in the frontal lobe, temporal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe or in the brain stem will decide which functions of an individual’s body the brain tumor will affect.
  • Its size: Whether it is diagnosed at an early stage when it is just developing or whether it has grown considerably without any sign of its presence in an individual is something that determines what medical treatment is given to a tumor in the brain.
  • The rate of growth: Whether a tumor in the brain is benign or is causing unimaginable pressure within the organ, that is, the extent of inflammation it causes, is another factor that determines the early symptoms brain tumors exhibit.

Having said that, you should know that brain tumors are a rare illness and not many people are affected by it. And, those who have tumors might have harmless ones that do not pose any problem to the normal, smooth functioning of the human body. So, if you experience any of the symptoms related to brain tumors, it is best to first meet up with your doctor and let him question you regarding the symptoms that are sighted, initiate physical examinations, and also run multiple diagnostic tests if required. Excellent symptom management and palliative care are now available, along with options like surgery, medication, and radiation treatments. So make an appointment with your doctor now, they may be the best person to address your concerns regarding the early signs and symptoms of brain tumors.



Here’s why dogs are considered the best pets

From rabbits to horses and hamsters to guinea pigs, there is a wide range of animals that people adopt. However, dogs seem to be the most popular of them all. A survey shows that 7 out of 10 people in the country prefer to adopt dogs vis-à-vis any other animal. So, read on to know what makes dogs one of the best pets.

Humans feel secure in the presence of dogs. They’re loyal, irrespective of how fierce some of them could possibly look. The very thought that our furry friend is waiting for us back at home gives immense joy and hope in life. Dogs offer impeccable security to their owners; they sense danger quicker than humans and they are also quick to react to any unsafe situation. We have seen innumerable stories of dogs’ bravery, making them our little knights in furry armor!

A plethora of research has been done on dogs to understand what is really going in their minds when they see their masters, or when the master is in danger. While this sense of belonging could take ages to figure out, it is true that dogs are the best friend one could possibly have, especially if one is going through depression or any other low phase in their life. The patience the dogs show towards elderly, people with mental illness or people who are sick is truly remarkable. They certainly have a very keen sense of perception which helps them to identify the owner’s emotions. Whether one is happy or sad, the dog clearly knows and their ability to hear you out ensures that you never battle your demons alone.

Dogs also ensure that their masters end up leading a good health. Dogs are required to have regular exercises, which means their masters have to take them for regular walks. When it comes to dogs, one is literally left with no option but to head out for a walk in the park!

In all our years of evolution, dogs have closely walked with us, loved and cared for us for who we are, hunted with us and have also died with us. It is certainly not surprising that dogs have always remained popular amidst humanity.



List of ten popular dog breeds in 2018

Like fashion trends and makeup looks, every year the most popular dog breed that everyone wants to adopt also makes a statement. Here we have some of the popular four-legged buddies for 2018. Are you ready to woof, woof?

  • Standing at top of the list is the Labrador Retriever – the most popular breed of dog for the past 27 years! Helpful, selfless, protective, kind, and friendly with kids, anyone can understand why they’re a fan favorite.
  • The second popular would be the German Shepherds, for the undying loyalty, intelligence, fierce sense of guarding those they love. They also have high energy levels, thus making them an excellent family pet.
  • Golden retrievers with their fleece as golden as the sun take the place for the third most popular dog breed of 2018. They’re intelligent, brave, and gentle, but what wins many hearts are their adorable faces!
  • Surprising for quite a lot of humans, French Bulldogs have taken the top ten for the first time! They are lovingly called ‘Frenchies’ and it would be an understatement to say that they are having their moment. Recently this breed of dog has been quite the talk of the town for its quirkiness.
  • If you’re looking for a dog that’s a true couch potato and partners up with you for those perfect selfies – the bulldog, being the fifth most popular is truly the one for you!
  • In the sixth position is definitely a handsome addition to the list – beagles! Friendly with other pets and humans, this dog has one of the most soulful expression, this is sure to melt people’s hearts!
  • Obedient, inexpensive to maintain, and a hoot with the children are poodles, the seventh most popular dog breed of 2018.
  • Intelligent, compassionate, and with a strong sense of duty and loyalty to their owners, Rottweilers or “Rotties” as they’re called are the eighth in the popularity wagon. They may look mean and malicious, but they have a heart of gold!
  • Playful, affectionate yet feisty, and vocal are the traits used to describe the ninth most popular dog breed of 2018, the Yorkshire Terrier.
  • Cracking the list of top ten most popular dog breeds for the first time is the German Shorthaired Pointers with their docked tail and big smiles!