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10 home-based businesses with no investment

10 home-based businesses with no investment

There are quite a few reasons for starting up a business at home. If you want to set up business outside your house, you have to pay an advance on monthly rentals, electricity bills etc. What makes a home-based business easier to start is that it has very little investment. Here are ten best home based business ideas that require very little money and effort:

Babysitting: People who like to play with babies and take care of them can easily start babysitting where you just need to look after the baby in the absence of its parents. Unlike other stressful businesses, this gives you and the child’s parents peace of mind in terms of safety and security.

Setting up a library: In case you have a lot of books lying around, you could plan and organize setting up a small library for the people of your locality. This you can be done with no investment. With time, you can encourage people to donate books and even turn it into a small reading club.

Tutoring: If you are a trained artist, tailor or a musician, can start taking classes for students who wish to learn art, music, dance, and stitching. You can also teach this to children as a vocational course.

Wedding Planner: People who like to organize events can earn money by planning weddings. Couples nowadays consult a professional wedding planner to plan their dream wedding.

Pet Grooming: If you think you have the skills to handle animals and treat them well then this is the most fulfilling jobs for a pet lover. You might need to invest some money for the equipment but with time it would turn out to be profitable. You can even think of starting a mobile pet grooming vehicle to travel around attracting customers.

College application consulting: If you have a fair knowledge of higher education or have been an educator, this is a business you can easily set up at home. The job involves advising parents and high school kids on the various college options available to them, helping them write essays, consultation for filling out forms, applying for aids/grants, etc. You need to have an understanding of the various scholarships and financial groups around for students. You can also help out parents with tax implications on college savings plans, and negotiate the best possible financial aid package when a college offer is received.

Gift basket-making business: Gift baskets are a huge trend nowadays. From visiting distant family to corporate events and weddings, people need something special to give their loved ones or commemorate an event. The flair of a basket-maker lies in the ability to choose and personalize gifts as per the occasion. Attractive packaging is an important part of the gift basket business. So, if you are passionate about making assorted baskets, this is a business you can easily set up without much investment

Personal Trainer: Do you love fitness? Are you passionate about getting in shape in inspiring others to do the same? Take a small course on personal fitness and start offering fitness courses or personal training sessions to clients out of your home gym or workout room.

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