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3 popular chest freezers of 2017

3 popular chest freezers of 2017

When it comes to chest freezers, it is not about the look but the utility. This is the reason why the models available today are not very different to look at than the ones available two decades ago. The greatest advantage of chest freezers is that they consume less energy as compared to full-size refrigerators. Moreover, the purpose of the appliance is not to replace a fridge, but to serve as an additional appliance to store excess perishable items. Having been acknowledged as the most economical of all types of freezers, every inch of a chest freezer is usable. Mentioned below are some of the best chest freezers to choose from.

GE FCM7SUWW chest freezer: This chest freezer has received quite a few good reviews from users. It has a good compressor and is really quiet. The ice formation within the freezer helps preserve perishables and keeps the freezer well insulated and frozen for about a week. This product is good for storing in the garage and is moderately priced at $399.99. The appliance comes with manual defrosting function, has a capacity of 7.0 cu. ft. and weighs around 98 pounds. Its dimensions are 0.2”x 34.5”x 38.5”.

EdgeStar 43 QT portable refrigerator freezer: This is another model that is doing well in the market. It uses an R134 compressor and evaporator same as a home refrigerator and has dimensions of 14.96”x 11.42”x 18.50”. It weighs around 49 pounds and is very compact. The appliance also comprises a full-range digital thermostat from -8 degrees F to -50 degree F. It is priced at $445.55.

Midea WHS-258C1 single door chest freezer: This freezer has received decent reviews from its users. It has a net capacity of 198L/7 cu. ft. If you are looking for a chest freezer that does not take up too much space, then this is the right one for you. Also, this freezer is affordable as it is priced at $299.00. The freezer has a balanced pivot design and dimensions of 37.2”x 20.6”x 33.5”.

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