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Factors to consider before buying the best electric blankets

April 30, 2020

Factors to consider before buying the best electric blankets

It could be chilling cold outside, but you can stay warm and cozy in the bed with the help of an electric blanket. Heated blankets, as they are sometimes called, comprise a series of thin electric wires, which can heat up the bed when you plug in the adaptor to the electric socket. But you cannot try every type of electric blankets available in the shop and therefore, you must follow a few experts’ tips to make your purchase fruitful.

Under-blanket or over-blanket:
Decide whether you want an over-blanket or an under-blanket. The over-blankets, which can sit on the top of the duvet or the bedding, can maintain a constant temperature all through the night. On the other hand, the under-blankets, also known as the mattress toppers, fit on the top of the mattress for keeping you warm inside the bed.
The one which you should buy depends on your needs and personal preferences on the basis of how you want to use it. The heated throws, also termed as electric throws, are considered more flexible regardless of whether you want to lay them on the top of the bedding or curl up under while sitting on the sofa.

Size of the electric blanket:
Just like the bedding and the bed cover, the electric blankets are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit the varying needs of the consumer. You can purchase everything from single-size blankets for smaller beds to king-sized blankets for larger ones.

Settings and features of the electric blankets:
You should pay attention to the settings and features available with electric blankets. Most of them come with a simple switch to turn on and off the switch. You can also look for other features including timer programs for automatic switch off after a pre-set time. This is especially helpful when you don’t want the blanket to be on all through the night. Most of the electric blankets offer a wide range of heat settings by which you can use them on chilly cold winters as well as mildly cold evenings.

Some also offer dual controls, allowing you to warm up various sides of the double bed to varying temperatures. This means that there would be no disagreements on what should be the right temperature and everyone can sleep peacefully. You can also look for temperature sensors so that the bed remains at consistent temperatures all through the night.
Some electric blankets are washable in the washing machines and dried in tumble dryers while others are not, which means this point needs consideration. Most importantly, you should ensure that the electric blanket comes with easy-to-operate controls so that anyone can use it without making a mess.

These simple tips will ensure that you will not get stuck with an uncomfortable blanket or regret your purchase.

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