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Laundry becomes super easy with washer and dryer combos

Laundry becomes super easy with washer and dryer combos

Doing laundry the laundry at home can be boring and exhausting and adds to the endless list of household chores. But luckily, the best washer and dryers in the market today can help you out smartly. The top rated washer and dryers come with various modern features, which helps in washing clothes, curtains, covers, and even delicates. However, if space is a constraint in your home, you should choose from the range of washer and dryers that fit into a smaller space. Choosing a washer dryer combo is certainly the best solution for your space problem, as this won’t have to accommodate two machines for washing and drying separately.

Washer dryer combos vs. Separate washer and dryer
Many factors make combos the best washer and dryers as compared to the separate units. They are space-savers, efficient (use less water and electricity), and versatile. Additionally, they are time-savers, as they allow you to wash and dry clothes in one go.

Types of washer dryer combos

While picking from the best washer and dryers, go for the all-in-one combos as they are much more functional and usable that separate washer and dryer units. They usually are of two types –

  • Ventless washer dryer combos: This type is ideal for use in condominiums and high-rise apartments. They come without vents, as they have built-in condenser dryers. Rather than using hot air to dry clothes, the ventless washer dryer combos condense water vapors and then flush it out through a drain.
  • Vented washer dryer combo: Vented washer dryer combos are hot air vacuums, which pull in the air of the laundry room and heat it up for drying clothes. Thereafter, the vented washer dryer combo blows out evaporated moisture that escapes the laundry room and the house through a vent.

Thanks to the technological innovations, you can easily find a wide range of washers and dryers in the market. Watch out for instances when a popular brand offers a washer dryer sale, as it will help you choose one that suits your needs as well as budget.

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