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Find Out Your Eligibility for Free Government Cell Phones

Find Out Your Eligibility for Free Government Cell Phones

Having a cell phone has become a must. Whether you want a one for speaking to your loved ones or you need it for an emergency situation, the convenience and uses of cell phones are many. The government has made it easy for these people to own a cell phone by issuing free cell phones. The LifeLine Assistance Program is an FCC-mandated program provided by the government, which enables millions of American citizens to get a cell phone and service free of cost. The program is aimed at helping financially deprived families across the country. This service is provided in nearly all states and includes voice calls and texts.

Free government cell phones include basic phones; generally, people receive refurbished and used phones. These phones have the basic functionalities that are required for calling and texting. Some companies do offer camera phones, but it depends on the carrier service that you opt for. The phones and services are provided by many companies. The plans that they offer vary as well. While some carriers provide unlimited voice calls and texts, others are limited.

Eligibility criteria for free government cell phones

You are highly likely to be eligible for a free cell phone if you have been actively participating in of any of the following benefit programs provided by the government:

– Food stamps
– Section 8 Federal Public Housing Assistance
– Medicaid
– National School Lunch Free Lunch Program
– Veteran and Survivors Pension Benefits
– Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
– Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
– Supplemental Security Income
– Low Income Home Energy Assistance Plan

Eligibility rules vary from state to state in the country. Each state has different laws and additional rules for one to be eligible for free government cell phones. Check the state’s official website for more information.

Which company to choose for free government cell phones?

There are many companies that offer free government cell phones through the Lifeline Assistance Program. Some companies provide services in most states, while others provide services locally only. There are many companies for you to choose from. You should choose one that offers you the best plan in your area and apply accordingly. Here are some of the top free government cell phones companies working through the LifeLine Assistance Program:

– SafeLink Wireless provides unlimited voice calls, unlimited texts, and 3GB of data for first 3 months then 2 GB of data after for California residents
– Assurance Wireless provides 2GB high-speed data, unlimited texts, and unlimited voice calls for California residents
– QLink Wireless provides 1GB data, 350 minutes voice calls, and unlimited texts
– Access Wireless provides unlimited voice calls, unlimited texts, and 2GB data
– American Assistance provides 500 minutes of voice calls, 500 texts, and 1GB of 3G data
– enTouch Wireless provides 750 minutes voice calls, unlimited texts, and 100 MB of 4G data
– General Communications Inc. provides unlimited voice calls, unlimited texts, and 1GB data for around $1 a month
– Infiniti Mobile provides 500 minutes voice calls and 1700 texts for Oklahoma residents
– Life Wireless provides unlimited voice calls, unlimited texts, 100 MMS, and 500MB of data for California residents
– SafetyNet Wireless provides unlimited voice calls, unlimited texts, and 1GB data for California residents

You must remember only one free government cell phones can be acquired per household. You need to use the service for at least 60 days before switching your service provider. You cannot transfer it to someone else. The unused data or service will not get rolled over to the next month. If you are found guilty of false statements, then you might have to pay fines, serve a jail term, or be barred from the program altogether. You must have proof of the program you participated in before applying.

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