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Common Causes of Low Platelet Count

April 30, 2020

Common Causes of Low Platelet Count

Platelets are colorless blood cells that stop the bleeding of the injured blood cells with the help of blood clot. Thrombocytopenia is a medical term often used to describe low platelet count. This can happen due to leukemia or other problems in your immune system. Also, it can be a side effect of a medication you were taking. A reduced platelet count is not a good sign for your health and it is also an indication that you need a serious health check-up. If you are suffering from low platelets count, the causes that you should be aware of include the following.

Decreased production of platelets
Your bone marrow is where the platelet is produced. If the production of platelet is low, then you will develop thrombocytopenia. The factors that cause low platelet production are as follows:

  • A few types of anemia
  • Leukemia
  • Chemotherapy
  • An excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Viral infections

High breakdown of platelets
It is one of the major causes of low platelet count. Under some conditions, your body may break or use platelet more rapidly than they are actually produced. This will lead to a shortage of platelet in the bloodstream.

Most pregnant women face the issue of low platelet count. However, after the birth of the child, over time, the condition of the mother improves and so does thrombocytopenia.

Bacteria in the blood
Bacteria in the blood is one of the major causes of low platelet count. When a bacterial infection spreads in the blood, it might lead to the destruction of platelets and cause a low platelet count.

Trapped platelets
Just below the ribcage of the human body, there is a small organ about the size of the fist of a human, which is called the spleen. It normally works to fight against infection in the blood and filters the unwanted materials of the blood. If the spleen becomes larger than the normal size, which may be due to a number of reasons, it can decrease your platelet count.

One of the main indications that you have a low platelet count is when your bleeding does not stop. Although bleeding itself is a medical emergency, you should seek the help of an experienced medical practitioner who might help you to figure out the treatment plan because low platelet count could be a life-threatening issue.

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