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A brief insight into the best diet for diabetic people

A brief insight into the best diet for diabetic people

It is a proven fact that by maintaining a healthy diet, the blood sugar levels can be controlled easily. As a preventive step for diabetes, a healthy diet is of utmost importance. The best diet for diabetes includes foods that are low in calories or fat and high in healthy nutrients.

Rich in fiber
The blood sugar level charts feature ranges of normal as well as diabetic blood glucose. To keep the sugar levels within the normal diabetic range, consuming a diet rich in fiber is crucial. From vegetables to nuts and legumes, from fruits to wheat bran and whole wheat flour, everything can contribute towards keeping the diabetes levels in check.

Healthy carbohydrates
One can include healthy sources of carbohydrates such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains and low-fat dairy products to maintain normal blood sugar levels. However, one should avoid packaged fruit products that come with added sweeteners.

Omega-3 fatty acids
To maintain one’s normal blood glucose levels as recommended by the chart of blood sugar levels, foods rich in omega-3 fatty acid are a good choice. Fish varieties like cod, salmon, sardine, halibut, tuna can be ideal sources of this fatty acid, which helps in lowering the triglyceride blood fats.

Consuming food items containing polyunsaturated and monosaturated fats can be helpful in diabetes blood sugar control. Almonds, avocados, olives, walnuts, peanut and olive oils are considered to be high sources of these good fats. However, refrain from overeating these healthy sources of fats.

Foods to say no to
When you are thinking about how to control blood sugar or diabetes, you may want to avoid foods that are high sources of cholesterol such as egg yolks, animal protein, organ meats or high in saturated and trans-fat, such as processed foods, dairy products, beef etc.

Diabetes, in most cases, leads to high diabetic blood sugar level which gives rise to the risks of serious heart conditions. However, if people maintain their blood sugar levels by following a healthy diet, the threat of developing a serious diabetic condition and other diseases related to it can be eliminated effortlessly.

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