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Choosing the best software for bottled water delivery

April 12, 2018

Choosing the best software for bottled water delivery

Bottled water delivery service ensures fresh drinking water supply without having to install a filtration system. These water delivery systems supply bottled water in bulk at homes and offices and can deliver three to five gallons of water daily. When running a bottled water delivery system, apart from having an efficient sales team, you need a software that has an accurate inventory, tracking systems, and delivery route to communicate effectively with new and existing customers.

A water delivery system should be –

  • Robust yet flexible that keeps track of specific needs of customers
  • Should be information-ready with various products and services under the delivery system
  • Able to offer flexible route scheduling and online customer ordering interface.
  • Having real-time inventory for both streamline in-house inventory and the ability to organize items out for delivery

Based on the above-mentioned factors, here are the most popular software that are used for bottled water delivery –

  • RouteStar Solutions
    This software helps in creating tasks, manage contacts, routes, multiple inventory locations, and invoice customers on the field. This bottled water delivery software also works on mobile devices that are powered by iOS or Android. It offers syncing ability that helps with uninterrupted invoice generation on a desktop.
  • WaterFlex
    This bottled water delivery software allows unlimited customer transaction services. This allows you to e-mail transaction histories and the current balance of your existing customers and other documents directly from the WaterFlex database. It also helps you find a customer through the previous invoice, work order, or street address. Apart from route management, it also offers billing options as per your business needs. Some of their billing options include balance forward billing, open item statement, invoices, and postcard billing.
  • Advantage Route Systems
    This bottled water delivery system has served the bottled water industry since 1980. Advantage Route Systems offers automated customer delivery reminders. The software offers flexibility to your business by automatically sending reminder texts to your customers for refilling. It also offers bottle deposit tracking that helps you make sure the whereabouts of the empty or used canisters and if your customers are returning them on a timely basis. It also helps in tracking the coolers that you might have given for rent to your customers.

Visit the official website of these water delivery solutions to know more about their services, prices, and terms of use.

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